Frequently asked questions:


WIW TALENT AWARDS is the most prestigious award which is organized and sponsored by WHERE INDIA WRITES NETWORK – Moving At The Speed Of Talent. WIW TALENT AWARDS invites every artist across the globe to make their dream come true.

2. What are the benefits of this Award?

WIW TALENT AWARDS does not only address your success but also appreciates the struggle, excellence, and purpose behind your accomplishments. It also stimulates other people to come forward and show their talent to the world.

3. What perks we will get in Award kit?

WIW AWARD KIT includes Trophy, Medal, Certificate, Appreciation Letter, Magazine, Badge, Membership cards and gifts, Surprises, and much more. All the benefits and perks will be followed according to official Guidelines and Protocols*.

*(T & C  Apply)

4. Can we apply with our previous accomplishment?

Yes, WIW TALENT AWARDS invites all the creations to be introduced to the world by meaningful recognization.

5. Can we apply for more than one category?

Yes, you can register yourself in more than one category. Just make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for each category before submitting.

6. How many submission can be made for the same individual or organization?

An infinite number of submissions can be made, we believe creators never stop creating and we never stop appreciating. WIW TALENT AWARDS wants every artist to always shine bright like a star.

7. I did not find any suitable category for my application/award, so how can I apply?

You can apply by mentioning your suitable category, Applying doesn't mean that we are accepting only those categories.

8. What is the entry fee for Registration?

The nominal fee for Registration for WIW TALENT AWARDS is Rs.250*/- only.

*(If applicable)

9. what will be the fee structure and further expenses?

The fee structure for WIW TALENT AWARDS includes a minimal Registration fee and the AWARD KIT fee which depends upon the official guidelines and protocols for featuring official verification of your accomplishment on different platforms.

10. What are the Documents Required to Process Award?

For applying for WIW TALENT AWARDS the required documents are:
1) A valid email address (should be Active from at least the last 12months)
2) Phone number
3) Others, according to your category under which you have applied and our team can ask you for additional documents for the successful process of your application.

11. In what format documents should be attached in?

Documents should be attached according to the need for your application. Format for documents can be PDF, JPG, PNG, video, links and etc.

12. Is my submission confidential?

Yes – All submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the WIW TALENT AWARDS and WHERE INDIA WRITES team will view them.

13. How much time it will take after Registration?

It will take 7 working days after registration, you will get to know whether your application is accepted or not.

14. What happens after submission?

Sit back, and wait. In the meantime our Core team of WIW TALENT AWARDS will do a scrutinization process, if your application gets approved, we will send you the official guidelines and protocol to proceed further.
Once you are done with all the formalities, you can select your kit package and do the payment according to that and after invoice payment confirmation receipt, our team will mail you the confirmation letter, and last but not the least we will send you the final certificate and kit information.

15. Will I receive feedback from a submission?

No special feedback is given to you for your submission, if your accomplishment meets our eligibility criteria and your application gets approved, our team will send you official guidelines and further process.
And if you need any additional feedback you can request it via mail, we will send feedback only If that request is in accordance with our internal policies.

16. Is being eligible or winning a WIW TALENT AWARDS a recommendation by WIW?

No. Being shortlisted for or winning a WIW TALENT AWARDS is not a recommendation by the WIW.  If you or your organization is planning to engage with a WIW TALENT AWARDS winner in any way then you should carry out the usual due diligence that would normally be required.

17. Does WIW TALENT AWARDS pay award holders / make contribution?

No – WIW TALENT AWARDS doesn't pay award holders or make any contribution.

18. Can I use the WIW logo or brand name on my brand name, letter head, or publicity material etc?

No – you can not use the WIW logo or brand name, it's an intellectual property of  WIW. Nobody can use it without taking prior permission from the WIW.

19. If there is any dispute, where would it be solved?

All disputes will be subjected to Kanpur jurisdiction only and the sole discretion of the Where India Writes.

20. Why my achievement is not mentioned in the Book, Magazine, and on Website?

There is a number of current awards in our database and we can publish a particular number of achievements in books, magazines, and on the website. Which always makes it a tough decision for our team, but we are trying our best to feature as soon as we can. Be patient for some time we will be coming up with updates and new editions.

21. Can I suggest new ideas for the awards?

Yes, you can accomplish your idea into reality and can register yourself for WIW TALENT AWARDS.