WIW TALENT AWARDS reserves the right to include or exclude any chapter or category and is under no obligation to publish all or any of the listed chapters or categories in WIW TALENT AWARDS or any of its publications. The list provided herein is only for explanatory reasons, and for the clarity of the person seeking to engage in an application. Further, the following list only consists of chapters and categories that have been published in the previous editions and is non–exhaustive. WIW TALENT AWARDS may, at its sole discretion, include additional chapters or categories, delete a chapter or category, or even merge two or more chapters or categories as the WIW TALENT AWARDS Team deems appropriate. Any such addition, deletion, or merger of chapters or categories, creates no obligation on the WIW TALENT AWARDS Team’s and/or WIW part to inform any person making an application of such addition, deletion, or merger.

The categories are as follows:

1. Literature/Writing

This category is presented to all the Authors, Writers, Poets, and others who have done something great in Literature which has never been done before. The Concept, Idea, Thinking which is Empowering and Promotes Literature to our Young Writers. WIW TALENT AWARDS recognize every Genre, Language, so there are no boundaries for Literature lovers to come up with state-of-the-art.

2. Music

It presents to all the Musicians, Lyricist, Composers, Songwriters, Singers, Rappers, and others in recognization of Musical Accomplishment. As we know Music is the most important part of our lives, so this award honors the Artists who create magic in the air with their work and shows their worthy and special skills in this artistic field. All the different kinds and styles of music are welcomed by WIW TALENT AWARDS.

3. Arts/Artist

Presented to every single artist from every region of this globe. Those who express their imagination and thinking in the form of an artistic piece of work whether it is Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Architecture, Calligraphy, Printmaking, or Self-Portrait, etc which speak emotions and a meaningful message.

4. Photography

The eye that has a different approach to capturing moments is up for these categories. Photography includes Architectural, Abstract, Adventure, Astrophotography, Candied, Commercial, Composite, Creative, Documentary, Monochrome photography, etc. WIW TALENT AWARDS invites all the photographers who make magical memories in ordinary moments.

5. Creative

Creative categories are for those individuals who have the skills to showcase some rare and unexpected artistry. It includes all Creative Management, Copywriting, Art Direction, Editorial, Audio-Visual Production, Animation, Illustration, etc. WIW TALENT AWARDS recognizes the genius person who is out of the ordinary and can give a new vision to this creative world.

6. Fashion

This award is presented to the individual who has known for His/Her Personality, Self-Expression, and Freedom of creating or making New Trends. Fashion includes Apparel, Footwear, Sportswear, Traditional, Accessories, Jewelry, Makeup, Textiles, Lifestyle, etc.

7. Crafts

It considers all those artists who are skilled in making things, especially Handmade. Any special and unique type of Decorative Art, Studio Craft that includes Metal Work, Studio Pottery, Weaving, Glass Art, Wood-work, etc.

8. Educational

This category acknowledges Students, Leaders, Faculty, Teachers, Educational Institutions who present brilliance and high-quality skills as well as a unique innovation and creativity in the field of education. WIW recognizes those who add value in the field of education and learning.

9. Sports

This category is presented to Athletes and SportsPersons for their accomplishments and outstanding performances in the various fields of sports. WIW TALENT AWARDS recognizes every player to boost their morale and uplift them to do more better in upcoming events.

10. Social activist/Influencer

Social Activist, is presented to the Individual or Organization who aims to take strong action towards social change to enhance the Living Standard, Better Quality of Life, and Empower and Encourage them to be Socially Aware of their Rights and Duties. WIW honors this category to those who really make the strong change and who have done something that was really unbelievable.


Other categories include the rest of all the artists’ field which is not mentioned above and the one which is really something unexpected and out of the box. All the crazy artists are invited by WIW TALENT AWARDS to show their creation to the whole Nation and are known for their accomplishments.

WIW welcomes you all to get recognition for your work and Talent because you are blessed if you are an artist and only you have that X-factor which should be explored and identified with your name.