Rachit Yadav: The Founder of Where India Writes announces unlimited publishing package.

Rachit Yadav, has come forward with his promised mission for the writers all around the globe and give them a platform to get published, more than once!

Writing has always been a constant part of the society. Whether it’s regarding media, fiction or stating real facts and publishing these writings has been the major backbone. Every writer dreams of getting published on a great platform whenever they start their new project. Fortunately, we are blessed to have such publication houses among ourselves who comes forward whole heartedly with their full commitment and goal to shine these writers out in the world by putting their best hard-work forward.

Unlimited Publishing Membership 2022, is an initiative taken by Rachit Yadav, the founder of Where India Writes and his team under their publication sector wiwpublication.

Rachit Yadav, started Where India Writes in 2019 and since then it has become a well-known and stated world record holder publication house. Bringing various interesting book concepts and talented writers and authors to recognition as well as success in their particular writing areas. Where India Writes 2021- World’s Largest Flip Anthology, World’s Largest Reverse
Anthology–2020, Valentine’s Week Book Record and many other publications with solo authors has set records worldwide and given appreciation by the readers as well.

Rachit Yadav, believes in not stopping. Where he has achieved success and appreciation and support from his work team and writers while fighting and struggling during a few serious phases on his personal individual level, he believes why to stop now, or ever! Being familiar to every struggle and hard-work in writing, publishing and in the field of art and creation – he has put his foot forward to encourage youth towards writing and support them in every way possible.

The goal is to bring out the innovating talent of writers from every corner of the world and let the world see how logophiles play with the words. Where India Writes has set to provide opportunities and expand the creative and innovative world. They are willing to obliterate the boundaries block and shine the individual talent towards a clear goal. And in the context of it, they are here to impart absolute guidance and support so that they could successfully encourage opportunities for youth in writing and creative field.

Opting for publishing, always comes along with a few confusions and doubts, for not only their on-going projects but for future times as well. Where India Writes Unlimited Publishing Membership, assures to clear these things and stating the benefits for the writers gives a solid surety to take part without any second thought.

There are various unlimited benefits when you choose to become the member of Where India Writes. The writer can publish unlimited number of books. He/She is welcome to take participation in any other project going on under Where India Writes Network. Advantages regarding fees and payments also comes along as the writer can register for WIW Talent Awards all free of cost and they can have other discounts on various competitions and activities.

Unlimited Publishing Membership, will not be only benefitting by publishing and reducing the money expense to explore in the writing world. It will also be giving hope for future aspects. Being the member the writer will be holding the opportunity of getting the prior support from the publication. The offers of internships and exclusive access to future projects will also be a great opportunity to being the writer.

Unlimited Publishing Membership 2022, is definitely and undoubtedly a great mission by Rachit Yadav, where you can get various possibilities to make your presence felt among majority of people. The mission is to calm the pain of the struggles every creative man faces, and experience the pleasure to work together and achieve together.

  • Published:  Dec 10, 2021 09:00 PM (IST)