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Art is freedom and “Where India Writes” has a long-term commitment to creating a path for you to reach your dream without any obstacle. It is a global platform for everyone who believes in the power of creativity. “Where India Writes” is an independent global network for all artists established on 26 November 2019 initiated by Mr. Rachit Yadav. Under WIW, A Publication has also been established named – “Where India Writes Publication” with a mission of publishing a high-quality book To Fulfill Every Writer’s & Reader’s Dream as well as a platform for all artist to showcase their talent.

Where India Writes is one of the emerging networks with no barrier to geographical boundaries. In the modern world of digitalization. It also has an online book store – “WIW Store” We distribute the book on various platforms like WIWnetwork, WIW store, Amazon, Google playbook, Kobo, Smash word. We also have a platform designed for all artists to showcase their talent. With each year passing “Where India writes” is achieving new milestones. We are always working on the road ahead of us to create a new milestone. We don’t just deliver the product but deliver an experience.

Where India writes turns an artist’s dream into reality. Guiding other artists helping them and moving ahead toward success is what we believe all time. We make sure that all the struggles you have on your journey aren’t faced alone by you and take upon the responsibility of making your journey progress by overcoming the unknown obstacles. Our platform has all the answers to start, you just have to be willing to take the first step and contact us to create a wonderful experience living your dream.
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Where India Writes was founded on 26 November 2019. It was established by Mr. Rachit Yadav (Click to know more about him). The Network was started with a mission to bring forward all talented artists. In the initial stages of formation, the network went through a roller coaster ride. Where India Writes had ups and downs and twists and turns. He had to face many difficulties while establishing the network, publication, and platform. Through the support and blessing of a family, he finally made it through all the obstacles. After the hard work and dedication of Mr. Rachit Yadav and the WIW team, Where India Writes is now one of the emerging platforms for artists nationally as well as globally. He wants to bring all the artists new as well as old on one platform and grow together with them, addressing their problems and helping them succeed It all started when Mr. Rachit Yadav having a passion for writing wanted to publish his own book. After visiting some publications and doing research he saw that publications cost high price for publishing books and not everyone can afford it. He then concluded that newbie writers who want to pursue their dream in the writing industry cannot afford the overcharged price of the publication. He then finally decided to open his own network for every Artist. He opened a publication under here India Writes Network for everyone who wants to publish their own books at lost cost. Today the publication can fulfill the dreams of many writers publishing the book with a pocket-friendly budget. He made some world records while progressing towards success. He continues to thrive to make progress toward making world records and beating the old record creating unique milestones. He intends to grow the business and one day brings the Where India Writes brand to a global stage where all writers will be a part of the team. The network is continuously developing itself to be unique in its own way.


Where India Writes was started with the objective of growing together. Guided by our motto – Moving at the speed of talent, the network seeks to spark the talent of every individual. WIW is known for its selfless work in giving the new artists a platform to represent their worth and realize their dreams. The publication pride itself on the wide range of genres and giving ambitious new authors the chance that is so rarely available in the publishing industry today. The competitive platform doesn’t make an artist compete with others but instead, compete with yesterday’s herself/ himself and improve. The network was not started to make money but to make difference. We believe that everyone has got their unique style and taste preference that is why we constantly keep upgrading to match everyone’s needs and style. We continuously strive to work hard and progress. We believe in growing together and making talented artist’s dreams come true. We believe in protecting and working hard through all odds with the artist. 100’s of artists take their step back because of lack of proper guidance. Therefore we make sure that every artist is guided and motivated to achieve the impossible. We know that results do not appear overnight therefore we continuously keep working hard. We continuously believe in accepting failures and overcoming them with an innovative idea and strategy. Our focus is both creative and progressive. We encourage confidence, positivity, across our team. We believe in turning our problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into the important event. We don’t want to grow to copy others instead we believe in being ourselves, growing unique, and being special. We take every book as an individual project and work diligently on delicate details of the book creation, distribution process. We make sure that At all times the right of the Artist to the intellectual copyright of his, her, or their work, is maintained by us.

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